Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Ramblings after Yoga Class

Don't you just love it when you go somewhere with one intention and then get something competely unexpected out of it? Have no idea what I am talking about? I just love Tuesday's. I have Zumba which I love and then after, I have yoga class. My Yoga instructor, brings so much more to class then just teaching asanas(poses), this is why I love it so much. I can and do yoga at home when time allows; however, my instructor always has something more profound to say... today it was letting go of being 'in control of the universe' her words may have been slightly different, the meaning the same to me. This has rang so true... first my daughter broke her arm on a trip two weekends ago, I have been extremely busy with school and there have been interesting developments in family as well. So once again, I have been practicing the art of letting go and letting the universe do it's job. I rolled out my mat for yoga, and my head was reeling. I was excited about getting my grades from my first assignments for school(I got 100%, sorry I had to add that in), family things, school projects, and my poor little brain just wouldn't stop thinking of everything all at once. I really couldn't imagine how in the world I was ever going to make it through that class. Then Yoga class began. My instructor started with the class and talked to us, about not ruling the universe. (this has been VERY apparant to me in the past two weeks) How do I just come to grip with the fact that I have already been experiencing this feeling of I have no control. So she told us that we were going to be focusing on forward and backward bends(I love the term used in the East, heart openers) It never ceases to amaze me just how focused I was able to become. My mind stopped for 45 min. I was able to turn inward without thinking about everything I had to do, dishes, kids, scouts, school work, doctor's appointments you know the drill, it felt so good to take that time to slow down. It felt so good to just stop and breathe deep and energize myself for another round of life. I love how I feel when the class is over, and I roll up my mat and can feel the difference in how relaxed my muscles are, and how the concentration on my breathing has brought me new vitality. I realize that everyone has their own 'yoga'. I would like to encourage everyone to pursue thier own 'yoga.'.. slow down, enjoy what life has to offer. Give purpose to why you work so hard and do so much.

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Tam said...

Oh what good advise! I have the hardest time just clearing my mind! Especially lately, I think it's going around;) Sometimes I feel like my head is spinning and I can't focus on just one thing. Why is it so hard to just take the time to slow down and let go for a little while every day! It's so much better for us! Thanks for the great reminder!