Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Politics of Food and Feelings

In writing a paper yesterday for school, and then reading Red's post and Permission to Mother's sugar free post I really got thinking. ( I am always thinking about nutrition) I was writing about my own dietary system. Why I eat the way I do and if it has changed. I can't even say how much different my dietary system is now. I started with an omnivorous diet, then to a vegetarian diet and now to a vegetarian diet focused on whole foods. There are big differences here, even from the way I used to eat as a vegetarian. The one thing that really hasn't changed is the way that people react to the way I choose to eat.

First, I have to say that all vegetarians do not eat healthy. I know this because I lived it, but over the many years, I have discovered whole and organic foods and this has really made a difference in my life.I just wish I had more diligence with some food related choices, which is where Denise's post really got me thinking. A new goal I have for myself is to be more diligent with my choices. Not having 'allergies' it's just too easy to say; oh I am tired, let's just order something or grab something quick. This is where at times I fall short. It's fewer and farther between, however much improved from years past. So for today, I have focus on planning and improving my choices beyond what I have. Sometimes the local support just isn't here. I have to dig deeper into myself and gain the strength.

Then I think about the everlasting, "Can't you just pick out that, _____."(Fill in the blank) . Can you take the refined white flour out of the Wonder bread, or the fry out of French fries? I don't want to eat that stuff. This is where the politics comes in, tolerance may be a better word. It feels awful to have people disrespect your inner most choices.

Food is the basis of life, it's our energy, medicine, and it’s our driving force. I read a quote once, "It's is easier to change ones religion than to change one's diet." So if we know how much one is convicted in the belief's, food belief's and pattern's are even stronger. Sometimes this is not a positive thing. There is so much pressure to enjoy and be grateful for food when someone else prepares it for you. I can't help but think how hard it is to respectively get through these moments.

Tolerance would be the beginning of getting through these awkward moments without insulting or hurting one's feelings. I do get tired and frustrated around other people sometimes, I generally go to great lengths to make sure that all my guests are able to eat something nurturing to them. (And with our family that is not easy) Most people don't even think of it that way. Most people only care if it tastes good, and don't even really slow down enough to know if the food they are eating does taste good. I know I have done this myself, much do my disappointment. Problem with most of these refined foods is that they throw off our chemical balances and make us crave more. (That could be covered more in another post)

I guess what I am saying here is that we can all be more tolerant of each other’s choice's. Some of us have taken the path to wellness, through whole nurturing foods, and other's are just not there. I am working on balancing my own passionate feelings, with the fact that most people just have not reached this place in this journey, to my own sadness some may never reach this. I am working to know, that the best I can do is to continue to search out those that are, to set precedence for wellness and be a strong example of how much one can accomplish in life with a sound mind and healthy body.


Red said...

Bows to Fit's awesome post!

Permission to Mother should be studying said...

Standing ovation. I like your point... the people who eat for taste, eat so fast they don't even know what it tastes like.

Orlando Realtor said...

Well spoken.....a winner!

Tam said...

OH you put it so well! I know just how you feel. Sarcasm, mean comments, and raised eyebrowns have been around often at family and/or friend gatherings. ;) It's so funny some of them did think I was changing my religion;)

But now 8-10 years later they are starting to tell me the same things I tried to tell them. It's so fun to see their excitement and passion as they have made these discoveries on their own. Truth is truth it comes out eventually ;)
They are finding what works for them!

What's interesting though is that I really don't think they heard what I was trying to tell them years ago. I think they heard me telling them that everything they were doing was wrong and that they were bad to be doing it. It's not what I meant or what I said but now I believe it is what they heard.

I have just tried to be strong and stand up for what I believe in. And now when they tell me the things that they are learning I smile and nod and give them the love and support I wished I had had when I needed it!

And heck once in a while they even ask me some questions and want to know what I think!