Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Yummy and Healthy Supper!

This was dinner tonight! It was very delicious, even the kids gobbled it up! It's Brown Crusted Tomato Tart. The crust is brown rice(cooked) mixed with an egg and a bit of cheddar cheese. In I had cut roma tomatoes in half, pladced them on a baking stone cut side up and roasted them in the oven with whole unpeeled cloves of garlic. I brushed it all with oil. After roasting I put the tomatoes on top of the rice crust, sprinkled some feta cheese and poured a mixture of 3 eggs and 1/4 cup of milk. Put it back in the oven to bake until it was set! We served it with a green salad and cut up fruit(watermelon and pinneapple). I know it's a keeper when all the kids eat it up! They even suggested that I make 2 pies next time instead of just one, so we can have lunch the next day! The original recipe is from The Essential Vegetarian, however, I changed all the spices and such to my liking. I really use recipes for an idea instead of exact. I only follow recipes to a 't' when it's baking and I am not sure how it will turn out. It certainly works for me, and I am happy that I have come a long way from the college days of ramen noodles!

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