Monday, July 14, 2008

Adirondack Mountains

We went to the Adirondacks this past weekend. These are photos from the Museum. I was quite beautiful there. Above is my husband and kids, in an enormous Adirondack chair. Here is one amazing view of Blue Mountain Lake, although it was only a weekend trip is was absolutely beautiful. We were so far out we couldn't even get cell phone service. Ariana LOVES horses. She was just pretending to touch this horse, although the camera tricks you into thinking she is really touching it. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the carriages and sleds from "Little House on The Prairie". Here is the kids sitting on an old sled. The Barn behind them is an authentic barn that was moved to the museum it was the blacksmiths shop. There were all sorts of horse shoes and tools of the trade inside. The kids are trying on the old hats. Ariana asked if she looked like Madeline.
Here Brian helps Ariana try some 'old fashioned' toys. Another beautiful view of the Lake. View of the lake with an old school house. This schoolhouse was moved from Ohio Town, NY.
Zachary tries his hand on the stilts. He did pretty good! Nikolas and Zachary go for a little ride in the row boat before getting to help feed the fish.
Nikolas poses with the boys from the old days. Does he look like he belongs?(except for the color) So does Ariana. The kids got to sit in an authentic sled from the Lake Placid Olympics.

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Permission to Mother should be studying said...

The blue sled looks like the bat mobile or some super hero vehicle. Araina looks as cute as pie in that hat. Looks like you did lots of cool things.