Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wholesome Homemade

Yummy... This is our delicious dinner. Boy it was good, everyone was begging for more! The corn juicy and sweet was grown 3 miles from home. The red potatoes and red peppers also grown at the same farm a few miles away! The cucumbers were grown in my own yard! The sloppy joes (vegan) recipe is from the Skinny @#%$ in the Kitch book, it's the first time that I have tried that recipe. The bread... heavenly, again made from Tam's Best yet bread . This time I found 100% hard whole white wheat (unbleached) it was fabulous! I am amazed that I can make bread from scratch by hand that tastes this good! My husband was moaning in delight at the table! (I was going to name the post something else, but I didn't want to offend anyone) Two hours after dinner he is still telling me how much he loved dinner! I think I will milk it and try for a good backrub!


Tam said...

Hey the bun on the sloppy joe looks perfect! I would have thought you bought that! So did you just roll them into balls and put them on a pan? How big? And then did you just cut them in half? I made rolls the other day with that recipe but I have not tried buns! Oh give me the low down please!

fitncrafty said...

Tam, maybe it was pure luck that the buns looked so good. I just put the whole blob of dough on a cutting board and split it up into 8, sort of equal parts (thinking about my husband and oldest son who usually eat 2 regular buns) a few were a bit bigger. Then sort of shaped them like buns, before letting them rise. After baking cut them in half.
That king Arther whole hard white wheat, made them delicious. It could have been the best tasting bread I have eaten in years!
I haven't made sloppy joes in so long, and when we do veggie or black bean burgers I usually eat it on my plate because all the buns usually have corn syrup or enriched bleached white flour in them.
I do think that if you want smaller buns you could have gotten 10-12 depending on the size.
So I thank you for such a delicious nutrtious recipe for bread. I am definitely getting the hang of handmade bread! Might never need my bread machine again!

Christy ~ Munch75 said...

What a yummy looking dinner! Love the white/yellow corn!

Red said...

Throw in a foot massage and you can call it a ight!!

pearly1979 said...

Oh I might cook like this if it elicities a good back rub. I've been known to do just about anything for a good back rub!! :) (Of course at this point if I cooked anything it would be appreciated because I am not the cook in this house!)