Saturday, September 13, 2008

Nutritional Lectures at Their Best

Well here it is! A very bad photo of me with Dr T. Colin Campbell. I debated not putting it up here, but I suppose that as long as I said I really wanted to meet him and get my 'groupie' photo with him here it is!

He spoke that the Vegetarian Expo, in Saratoga Springs, NY, today. I was in heaven all day. I listened to 4 lectures on Nutritional information. I am so excited about each one!

First lecture was on, Heart Healthy Recipes the speaker was Ann Crille Esselystyn, She really didn't give much recipes which was a bit disappointing to me. She was a dynamic speaker although she just talked mostly about the ingredients in health foods, she did talk about dark leafy greens, the rest of her talk was on packaged 'health' foods.

After her lecture, I had a great opportunity to move up to the front row! A few hours from Dr Campbell's lecture I moved up and vowed to stay there. I did take a quick break to grab a bite to eat, and the gal sitting next to me, saved my seat for me!

The next Speaker, Brenda Davis RD(from Canada), spoke on defeating Diabetes and work she did in the Marshall Islands. she was a marvelous speaker, with a myriad of books, including her new Raw Revolution Diet (which I picked up and she signed it with a very kind and inspiring note!) She was a dynamic speaker with exceptional knowledge and it was obvious that she loved her job. Although, diabetes is not my primary focus, she had SO many good things to say during her lecture, and we really had a great and inspiring conversation afterwards. I would like to get some more of her books as well, they are going on my wish list. You can read more about this inspiring lady here.

After Brenda Davis, I heard the most inspirational and informative speaker of the day, he was smart, funny and really knew his stuff. His name Jeff Novick. His lecture was on Healthy food vs Health Food, this lecture was amazing in every way. I felt so enlightened throughout his whole talk. He brought great humor to a otherwise, frustrating topic. The majority of his lecture was on the proper reading of nutritional labels and packaging. I never thought I would learn so much. he very humorously exposed the truth about labeling laws and how to defeat it! Brilliant. Also, encouraged us to eat whole foods where ever possible. My only horror here was when he talked about how bad coconut oil is for us! ARGH! Could it possibly be true!? I do recommend anyone with a chance to hear this man speak do! Despite the coconut oil rumor! I guess I will have to do more research! You can visit his website here.

Last but certainly not least was Dr T. Colin Campbell. Definitely not as funny as the speaker before him, I learned so much. Not to mention he is writing another book! yeah! He did speak a lot on The China Study (the actual study not the book) and on the benefits of eating a plant based diet. It was incredible to hear about it first hand. How he came to believe what he does and why! Coming from a dairy farm, eventually converting to a vegan diet. He also has an nutritional .org website that will be coming out. I will post when I get the link for it. (I signed up for his newsletter) His son is now an MD and will be following in his footsteps for sure.

Overall I had an amazing day. I got to see lots of new products and eat some really good vegan chili! I picked up a VegNews magazine (and subscribed) I got Dr Campbell to sign my book and pretty much now I am home and resting. I am tired for sure!


Tam said...

Oh how cool! Sure wish I could have been there! Coconut oil? Hummm I had someone once tell them that olive oil wasn't good either. Don't know exactally what to think always so many contradictions when it comes to health. I think try to eat as much as you can as close to nature as possible, try not to get caught up in fads, pay attention to how you feel when you have certain things and then just go with your gut! ;) I for one still have those oils in my pantry. But maybe we do overuse them at times.

I have just heard nothing but good about them and all the benefits they have. More reasearch never hurts though! I sometimes really just wish we could go to a Nutritional Lecture with the Great Creator of us all Speaking! Now wouldn't that be cool!

Permission to Mother said...

I am pretty jealous of your day. I listened to boring, required cardiology credits today.
I do like the photo of you and Mr. Campbell. I've listened to almost the whole audioCD... one to go.

Orlando Realtor said...

It sounds like you had a fun and educational deserved it.

crispy said...

Sounds like it was a great day full of info. Glad you were able to go and enjoy your time. The oil thing disturbs me too. =(

Kati said...

Sounds like I missed out on some great speakers! Thanks for posting about it...I can't believe it took me this long to get over here to see what you had to say.

Oh, and I think coconut oil is great! :P