Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Cost of Things...

In the past few days, I have been catching up on blog reading, and of course that gets me to do a lot of thinking probably too much. I can't say exactly which post got my brain rolling first; however, those of you that know me, know once I get on a topic of thought I better get it out or it will consume me. So in order to be able to 'move on' here goes:

First I have to share this link: This is a post by a friend of mine at Studio J. The video she put on her blog has a powerful message. It blew me away. Go now. Watch and then come back here.

When I first started watching I thought... Why in the world did she put this video on here, but I kept watching because, I knew there had to be something to it and there was... if you have a daughter(or even a son) please watch. Really what is our society doing to us?

Then it led me to thinking about another blog post I read. Generally speaking I love this blog and read it regularly. So if you didn't read it, sorry I wont post it here. I mean no harm. Just have to share my own opinion as a person that is studying in the nutritional field(I am not at a mainstream school that teaches by the USDA guidelines). The writer of this blog posted a chart that she felt was appropriate MAX weight for individuals for their height. I was stunned, the writer was adament that medical charts we are used to using were basically wrong to have a range. Holy crap, her chart said that I should weigh no more than 112 lbs! for my 5' 5'' body. YIKES! I wont deny that I would like to weight less than I do now, but if my medical professional told me that I should weigh no more than that number, I would give up. (most people would get discouraged and hit the twinkie bar)For some maybe they can, for MOST they never will. Self esteem is more important than reaching number that low on a scale!

I feel that having a range, IS a better option as it is far better to weigh 150 at 5' 5'' than 265! From a professional standpoint, it is unrealistic to counsel a client/patient to this standard... hence I really started thinking after watching the video. Do we really expect EVERYONE to live to hollywood and the media's standards to be considered healthy(ie worthy). No offense, but many of those people are not healthy(even at 112lbs), they starve themselves and exercise obsessively to stay that way not to mention surgeries and all the other procedures they do to themselves. I wont say all celebreties, because perhaps there are some out there that are 'normally healthy'.

I know that I could run faster with less weight however, I really don't run to be fast, I run to clear my mind and exercise my heart. I accept this. My calling is not to be an elite runner, just a healthy one. I really hope that my daughter (or sons for that matter) or yours, do not ever feel they are not good enough because their body isn't that tiny. Truth be told we can not and will not all be that small no matter what we do, and for some it will be an obsession and become what the video link above depicts. I don't wish that wanting and pain on anyone. Life is too precious and a size 10 just isn't that big in the scheme of things. I absolutely despise this about our media, young teens are highyly affected by what they read and see.

Moving on:

With that off to my third thing. Promise its not near as deep or controversial, but still close to my heart. It's the cost of water... yes water.... I love that add (above)and they have another that says something to the effect of 'I dont need any fancy bottle and caps'.

Water bottles, they are all over the gym, they are everywhere. Water it's so important. It makes up 60 % of your body and without it, our bodies can not function, all the way down to the cellular level. (if the cells don't funtion, neither will you) so here's my point. Drink water AND be aware of how many times do you buy bottled water? Did you know that if you bought a reusable water bottle you could save as much as $1400 a year! Wow!!!

I know your next thought, but I refill the bottles until they are falling apart- well they fall apart because the plastic is breaking down, into your water! which means that you are drinking all the 'stuff' that they use to make the water bottles, at a cost to your body especially your liver, which is trying to keep your body free of toxins.

Here's a bit of info on plastic bottles with PET #1 copied from an article here: Polyethylene terephalate (PET or PETE) – Used in soft drink, juice, water, beer, mouthwash, peanut butter, salad dressing, detergent and cleaner containers. Leaches Antimony trioxide: workers exposed to antimony trioxide for long periods of time have exhibited respiratory and skin irritation; among female workers, increased incidence of menstrual problems and miscarriage; their children exhibited slower development in the first twelve months of life. The longer a liquid is left in such a container the greater the concentration of antimony released into the liquid.

I would never tell anyone to not use any plastics, but to educate yourself and make choices as to what you want. Never having any plastics would be really tough. Choose wisely. My husband called me today from work to tell me he finally understands why I choose to not reheat food in plastic containers in the microwave (along with my other plastic issues). He used a plastic knife at work to score an orange and peel it he said there was a black strip of stuff on the orange, first thought it was a worm, strangely enough it wasn't. It was the knife breaking down onto the orange. I can finally buy him some metal silverware for his lunches! Hurray! Yes, it may cost a bit more to have 'real' silverware in your lunch box, but in the long run I doubt it. Please consider reusable/washable bottles and containers to carry lunch and picnic foods. For water at home it is less expensive in the long run to put a filtration system in your house and even less to get a pur or brita filter to just fill your reusable bottles. It will decrease the landfills (please recycle) and even better why even recycle in the first place. In the matter of fact a gallon of Dasani would cost you about $8 a gallon. (This could vary depending on brand, price and location and these figured are based on $1.50 for a 20oz Dasani)We thought gas was expensive!

So I guess what I am saying is we really have to think of The true cost of things. Our emotional well being, our physical health, and our environment. What do we want for ourselves and our families now and in the future. Sometime the costs of things weighs far more than the effects on our checkbooks. Somethings are priceless we can not buy them nor replace them once they are damaged or gone. Make the best choices possible in every situation. I wish each one of you, good health and happiness.....

Namaste (the spirit in me, bows to you and respects the spirit in you)

PS. I am in a very thinking mood and yes I missed my yoga class today.


Permission to Mother said...

My lifts and tucks post WAS my response to seeing that video.

Your post makes excellent points.

Tammie said...

Oh I remember as a young girl getting on the scale often thinking I needed to weigh a certain weight to be "thin!" I also remember after many yo yo diets and ups and downs (more ups then downs) on the scale, thinking I'm not getting the results I want this isn't working and it can't be healthy. I will NEVER forget when I decided to not worry about my weight and that I just wanted to be truly healthy. I actually got rid of my scale and quit worrying about size and weight and I focused on trying to be simply healthy! I think you know the rest of the story.

Great post I like the water bottle info too!

MamaOnABudget said...

When I was in late high school/early college, I was on Jenny Craig. One of many things I tried. But I still to this day remember my first meeting. We were talking about goal weights and where I wanted to be. My "coach" or whatever her title was said that someone my height (5'8") should weigh no more than 131.


I even made her reload the program and show me again. I explain that I would be SICK at 131. When I told her about my spinal curvature (according to my ortho doc, my corrected height would have been about 5'11"), the weight difference was only a couple pounds.

It was at that time that I realized there was NO WAY I could trust JC for their weight guideline -that I'd just try and lose something for awhile and see where it took me. Now, if someone/some program/a doctor or nutritionist were to tell me that I should get down to 131, I'd have more courage than I did back then.

I'd get up and walk out.

Lainey said...

We've used metal flatware in lunchboxes for a while. Since my older daughter tends to lose/forget it at school - we hit up goodwill and city mission to buy used. That way I'm not that concerned when it isn't found ASAP.