Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Power is Finally ON!!

Hurray... we finally have our power! I will write more on it later.. have few photos to share too.. never been SO cold in my house..Brrrrr.. The power went out shortly after I finished my oral review/exam for my class.. so excited I checked my grade a few minutes ago.. I finished my class with a 98! wahoooo!! Then I cleaned the fridge out.. yuck!more later


Permission to Mother said...

Mom just told me about the storm. I'll watch out for more details. Congratulations on your grades.

Scrapin' Because I Can! said...

OMG, that stinks but you do have to admit, it is nice to sit in nothingness with no noise and distractions....I went to a cookie swap last night and spent most of it in the dark, Port Orchard lost power for a bit :o) Miss ya!

Jenny said...

Congrats on your class & glad your power is back!