Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Thoughts for Today

Last night Brian and I watched a movie Peaceful Warrior, based on the book The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. Based on a true story it was an uplifting movie, about an arrogant young gymnast that learned to live in moment and enjoy the journey. Of course then I started thinking. ( I do that quite often)

I woke up thinking about how this all relates in my life, and it most certainly does especially in the past few years. For one reaching goal weight, when I got there I was excited that moment on the scale, then what? When I train for a race, what happens when I get over the excitement of finishing it? The training, the healthy eating, the preparation, is really what it is all about, not only achieving the goal. The health benefit is in the getting to the goal not the number on the scale or the time it took me to finish one race. The process is what brings good health.

Of course it is great to achieve goals; however, I need to really put perspective there and be prepared, what's next. I have to set more goals beyond to not allow myself to reach that state of "Oh no" what am I going to do next! Let down with no where to do, is a sure trigger for failure. The tricky part is not focusing on that, but what I must do today, and being right here right now.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in what seems so important and must get done. Laundry and dishes and grocery shopping. Yes, it must be done. I just hope that I can get beyond that thinking and thinking about it all the time, plan better so that when I am not doing everyday tasks I can enjoy what I am doing. I have to say that over the past week, I have enjoyed my youngest child's birthday and then Hanukkah with my family. It was really nice to not pressure myself to do anything much. I played games with the kids, put together paper star wars models with my youngest, and just spent general time really relaxing. I have felt good and seems I have even managed to get more done. How does that work? Not really sure. Perhaps, the fact that I just didn't stress over what I should be doing. Amazing how that all works out.

Last night I cooked a great meal for my family and we enjoyed chatting and eating. My husband had to go back to work today, which is a bummer and I have lots of things to work on. I have finished up all my knitting projects and need to start another one. This time of the year I can't stand to not have one going. I had some deadlines of projects for gifts and then I finished up my felted yoga mat bag (which I still need to felt).

I have a huge stack of books to get to, plus I need to study. I find that having a plan for what I am going to do when, really helps. If it is all scheduled out it all gets done without too much worry and I hope to enjoy what I am doing when I am doing it.

Seems a simple task, sometimes just not as simple as it seems.

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