Thursday, December 18, 2008

The New Year is Coming!

I started thinking this morning after reading a post on Kristin's Raw here about New Year's Resolutions. She is having a give away and to enter you have to answer the question 'What are your New Year's Resolutions?'

For many years, I would set that resolution, like so many others to lose weight, to be healthy, you know the drill. Many of you have been there yourselves. After awhile I finally decided that I wasn't even going to set any New Year's Resolution, mostly because I failed miserably year after year. It only brought on lack of desire and confidence from being disappointed in myself for not achieving my goals. Eventually, I did achieve these goals but they really didn't have anything to do with New Year's Resolutions. About 5 years ago, I just decided that I would set small realistic goals for myself throughout the whole year. Weight loss goals, fitness goals, family goals you name it. All written in a little journal, dated when I achieved the goal. (if it was the sort you can pin point a date) You can only imagine my excitement when I could sit with my legs crossed for the first time in 10 yrs! Sounds trite I know, however, it was a really big deal to me. My list looked something like this:

  • cross my legs when sitting in a chair
  • be able to put my water bottle between my legs when driving (at the time no cup holders in the car)
  • climb a rock wall (I WAS terrified of heights, now only a bit queasy)
  • learn to swim (with my face in the water)
  • be able to buy clothes in a store that isn't for 'plus' sizes
  • run a half marathon
  • do a triathlon

That's just a few, and as you can see some goals are bigger than others; however, my confidence has increased tenfold not matter the size of my goals. I have achieved all of these goals except the last. I debated not writing it, then decided that I would because despite all odds someday I will do a little triathlon.

I continue all the time to add to this list, to make adjustments where needed and not be so ridgid with myself. I sit as I am typing cold but still drinking my green smoothie for breakfast. Why because another small goal I set for myself. As the weather started getting colder, I found myself not drinking them. Also, I found myself more tired and less goal oriented, letting things go. So my goal is to drink it anyway, even if I have to chase it with a hot cup of tea.

Even though I set goals all year long, and allow myself the flexability to change them as needed I am going to set some goals for this coming year. Here they are:

  1. I am going to continue to persue my MS in Holistic Nutrition, despite how much I am challenged to get the work done and adjust my schedule. I have proven to myself that I can learn (despite my age) and do really well in school. I hope to make good strides in getting closer to graduation this year.
  2. I am going to continue to exercise and challenge myself to reach new levels of fitness, including adding yoga on a regular basis, even if it means doing it alone at home. Add weight training, and getting myself back on my bike (when the snow is gone) and back in the pool (which I haven't swam since I left WA)
  3. I will continue to teach (mostly by example) the desire to live a healthy life, through foods and fitness to my children.
  4. I will start to plan my first 'real' garden during the winter so that I will be ready when spring comes.

There you have it. I do think that these are all reasonable goals that I can achieve this year. I am going to be setting smaller goals to reach these bigger ones. I will come back to this next year and see where I stand.

What are your goals for yourself next year? Please share I would love to hear about them....


Jenny said...

Great goals. We should get together & have a "plan our garden" day. Maybe swap seeds & stuff? I can drag all my new gardening books with me...

Tammie said...

You Go!!!!! Thank you for being so inspiring! A much better garden is one of my goals this year! Along with eating MORE raw and sprouting more!! I got my boys working on a redworm composting system! They think that is lots of fun! I hope it will help our soil!

I'm with you abount the New Years Resolutions! I'm always just trying to set realistic small goals for myself throughout the year!