Friday, December 26, 2008

Flashback Friday

Last year at this time, Ariana was missing her two front teeth. It is a milestone for me with my kids. I think when those two upper front teeth grow in the kids get a more grown up look. This December Nikolas is missing his two front teeth. My baby is now in his more 'grown up stage'. I love my children and I am excited to see them grown and learn and also sometimes morning for my precious babies and toddlers. They have grown so fast!


Permission to Mother said...

How cute they look!!

Tammie said...

Isn't is crazy how fast they grow! Your Flashback Friday is fun! Last weeks picture was great! How fun that you have a picture like that! Very cool! I remember one time going through some old clothes and holding up a pair of pants. I could almost fit both legs into one. My husband could not believe that I had once worn those pants. I think I got rid of them cause I never wanted to wear them again! But sometimes I wished I had kept them or taken a picture like that. What a powerful reminder!